Resorts World / Genting Proposes to Build Resort & Casino in Sterling Forest 

In likely the most significant development in Tuxedo in decades, Genting / Resorts World is proposing to build an expansive entertainment complex in the Sterling Forest area. If approved, this proposal could reshape the northern part of town and have a serious impact on Laurel Ridge, Clinton Woods, Sterling Forest, and Tuxedo Ridge.

Here is a record of their proposal along with slides from their briefing to the Town and Village in late April and early May: 

Part of the proposal is to fund and complete Exit 15B of the New York State Thruway, which would connect around the Route 17 / 17A interchange. This alone has drastic impacts on commuter and commercial traffic in our area of influence, to say nothing of the resort itself, which could bring much-need economic activity and jobs to Tuxedo.

We urge our members and greater community to keep an open mind at this stage. Only after we gather all of the information related to the project should we make a determination whether this would be a net positive or a net negative to our business community and residents.

While we are excited about the opportunity to meet with leaders from Resorts World and discuss their proposal, we realize that the impact will be felt far beyond the business community. There will be groups that benefit and groups that are hurt by any change this drastic. While we are initially optimistic at the positive economic and tax benefits that will likely arise from this proposal, we are also conscious of the effect that this will have on us all.

If you have any comments or opinions you would like to share with the Chamber Board, please send them directly to the President (bill at or Executive Director (lisa at and we will discuss everything with the group. Please send all comments by close of business on Tuesday, May 6th, to ensure that your points are considered before we meet as a group.

Thank you - we look forward to hearing from you. As the voice of the business community, we will be a part of whatever happens, so let's make sure it's for the best, regardless of what that will be.

William Sweet