The Art Studio

Linda Urcioli
233 Route 17 Ste 12
PO Box 119
Tuxedo NY 10987-0119

I hope to be a place where wisdom is used to bring an awareness into the lives of others, only to light a path upon a sometimes dark or shadowy journey.

I call myself Kavana. It comes from the Hebrew word kavahnah, which means right intention. I choose this for myself because this is the core from which I am driven. The knowledge I bring to The TaroTree stems from an inner desire to share. My studies, my dreams, and the messages I receive are presented here for any individual to explore and use. They are mystical and philosophical. I have been studying Astrology for over 20 years, along with the other systems of divination. I am fascinated with the Kabala, as well as astrology, tarot, numbers and letters, because they do weave their magic into our lives. Having good intentions should be the spring board in all that we do in life. The challenges in life can be understood through the unraveling of the mysteries, secrets, and hidden language of the ancient wisdoms. I will do my best to describe these in their various forms. Like a tree I hope to grow, like the sky I hope to map, like this planet the journey we are on.