Tuxedo Park Library

Noreen Fennell (Liason)
227 Route 17 
PO Box 776
Tuxedo NY 10987-0776

The Tuxedo Park Library was built in the center of Town in 1901 and opened its doors in May 1902. Architect Bruce Price, who was a well-known architect in Canada and New York City, designed the library. Pierre Lorillard, millionaire tobacco magnate and a group of his friends commissioned Mr. Price to draw up a design for the library. The trustees of the library applied for and were granted an Association Charter from the New York State Board of Regents on December 19, 1901. 

Much has changed over the years, but some things remain the same. The building is now used solely as a public library and is still the center of activity in our community. Besides our collection of over 76,000 items including books, DVDs, videos, audiobooks, magazines, music CD's, databases, e-books, and government documents for circulation and online research, we also have public access computers for Internet, word processings, and reference. For a fee, the public may send a fax or make a photocopy.

For more information, please see "The Tuxedo Park Library: Social Aspects of Growth" by Matilda A. Gocek, available at our library. Or visit our website: