SOS Fuels

Richard Spiegal
10 East Village Road
PO Box 833
Tuxedo NY 10987-0833

Since our founding in 1934, SOS Fuels has grown to become the largest supplier of residential heating oil in both Rockland and Orange counties, providing enhanced quality #2 heating oil, premium diesel and branded gasoline to homes, businesses and farms in the area.

In everything we at SOS Fuels do, we never lose sight of the customer.What is a customer? A customer is ...
  • The most important person ever in the office, in person, by mail or by phone;
  • Not dependent on us ... we're dependent on the customer;
  • Not an interruption of our work, but the purpose of it;
  • Not an outsider to our business, but the vital core of it;
  • Not a cold statistic, but a human being with feelings and emotions like our own;
  • Not someone to argue or match wits with (Nobody ever won an argument with a customer); and
  • A person who brings wants and needs to us; for us to handle satisfactorily for the customer and for us.
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