St. Mary's-In-Tuxedo Episcopal Church

Rev. Elizabeth McWhorter
10 Fox Hill Road
PO Box 637
Tuxedo NY 10987-0637

Welcome, and thank you for visiting St. Mary's Chamber of Commerce website. I hope that it will encourage you to visit us in person.

In this transient, ever changing world, St. Mary’s represents something that is enduring and permanent; it is, in the truest sense of the word, a spiritual home. It is home to those of us who on Sundays come to encounter God through Word and Sacrament, experience the beauty and serenity of the service and building and the fellowship of the people. It is home to those of us who come back, in some cases after many years of absence, for the pastoral rights of baptism, marriage and burial and are remembered, welcomed, and received as family. It is home to children who are part of our preschool and after school programs. It is also home to spiritual seekers who are looking for a community in which their faith can be nurtured.

Like all homes, St. Mary’s is a place in which tradition is valued. But, to paraphrase Somerset Maugham, we conceive of tradition as a guide rather than a jailer. We believe the best way that we can honor those who come before us is to build upon their faithfulness and open ourselves to the challenges and joys that await us in the future.

Once again, thank you for visiting our website. May God bless and keep you.